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I am Ashira Parti. Since the age of 7, I have loved to sing and learn to play the guitar. I would sing many genres of music ranging from the 1960's to current day hits.  The variety and flavour of music through the generations has allowed me to extract different vocals and styles to create my own versions.  I believe music is not only about vocal and instrumental skills but of imagination. I have particularly drawn a lot of inspiration from Adele (as many say I have that low vocal depth) but I do love the challenges of other vocal talents.  I want to be different in having my own uniqueness.


As I continued to develop my vocal skills, guitar playing, and now the piano, i decided to start creating a website that my listeners can follow.  I have sung in numerous events, hotels and in concerts.  I have been lucky to have the best of teachers to encourage and prepare me and to that, I owe them a whole lot of thank yous. 



Currently, I am studying classical guitar, pop guitar, rock and pop vocals and classical vocals.



Anyway, I do hope you enjoy moving through my videos.  I welcome any sincere comments and please subscribe to get all my latest uploads.


I have a YouTube channel, so you can always catch me there as well!


Love Ashira x



' It's incredible to nurture a gifted voice at such a young age as Ashira. Blessed to have her as one of my best students '

                 Shaiza Aching  -  The Delhi School of Music

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